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Miso Extra: Crafting Umami Sounds and Bridging Cultural Divides

!Miso Extra

Miso Extra, the moniker behind London-based singer, rapper, and producer Naomi Grace Saalfield, defies conventions and transcends boundaries. Born in Hong Kong to a white-British father and Japanese mother, Miso Extra’s journey is a testament to resilience, creativity, and empowerment.

Early Life and Musical Awakening

Growing up, Miso Extra learned to play the violin and developed a love for singing. However, the lack of Asian representation in the music industry initially discouraged her from pursuing a musical path. It wasn’t until 2020, during the UK’s lockdown, that Miso Extra emerged as an artist. The name “Miso Extra” itself is a powerful response to past racism. Derived from derogatory taunts she received due to her dual heritage, Miso Extra reclaims the phrase, transforming it into a symbol of strength and authenticity.

The Misoverse: An Anime-Inspired Journey

Miso Extra embodies an anime-inspired character—an entity residing in an alternate world known as the Misoverse. As a peace-loving warrior, she leans away from violence but stands ready to engage in conflict when necessary. Her philosophy centers on seeing the good in people, valuing real talk, and embracing insecurities as learning curves. Miso Extra’s hopefulness shines through her music, reflecting her commitment to love and growth.

Crafting “Umami for the Ears”

Following her debut EP, Great Taste, Miso Extra released the EP MSG—named after the Japanese flavor enhancer ajinomoto, the purest form of umami. In this sonic journey, she draws inspiration from J Dilla, MF DOOM, Daft Punk, and Kelis. Co-produced by Tricky and Duke, MSG features a polished and slick sound. Miso Extra seamlessly switches between English and Japanese, using each language to convey different layers of emotion. English represents surface-level joy, while Japanese delves into internal struggles and self-reflection.

  • 50/50: A stream-of-consciousness reflection on life’s fast pace and the need to appreciate the journey.
  • Space Junk: A breakup song that offers advice on learning from loss.
  • R10: Balancing confidence, humility, and sassy wordplay.

Beyond Music: Empowerment and Community

Miso Extra’s impact extends beyond her artistry. She bridges cultural divides, empowering others to embrace their uniqueness. Her commitment to innovation and leadership shines through her music, inspiring listeners to push boundaries. Offstage, she champions authenticity and encourages connection with nature.

Legacy and Future Endeavors

As Miso Extra’s journey unfolds, her legacy grows. She reminds us that true artistry transcends labels and genres. Whether through soulful melodies or thought-provoking lyrics, Miso Extra leaves an indelible mark on the industry. Her commitment to love, growth, and community ensures that her legacy will resonate for generations to come.

In the Misoverse and beyond, Miso Extra continues to craft “umami for the ears,” inviting us all to savor the richness of her sound.

Miso Extra’s story is one of empowerment, creativity, and cultural fusion. Her music invites us to explore new flavors and celebrate our individuality. If you’d like additional details or specific sections, feel free to ask! 🎵🌟 123


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