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Lafawndah: Crafting Soulful Soundscapes and Defying Genre Boundaries


Yasmine Dubois, known professionally as Lafawndah, is a boundary-pushing artist whose music transcends genres. Born in Paris, France, and raised across the world in cities like Los Angeles, Mexico City, and London, Lafawndah’s multicultural upbringing informs her unique sound and artistic vision.

Early Life and Global Influences

Lafawndah’s heritage—Egyptian, Iranian, and English—shapes her multifaceted approach to music. Her childhood in Tehran and Paris exposed her to diverse sounds and cultures. As she moved across continents, her musical palette expanded, and she began to weave indigenous influences from around the world into her compositions.

YouTube Covers and Viral Breakthrough

Lafawndah gained initial recognition through her YouTube channel, “Music by Blanks.” Her remake of Bazzi’s “Mine” went viral in 2018, propelling her into the spotlight. She transitioned from covers to original music, capturing listeners with her soulful vocals and raw emotion.

Debut EP: “Wandered Away”

In 2014, Lafawndah self-released her debut EP, aptly titled “Lafawndah.” Collaborating with Garagem Banda, she co-produced and recorded the project. Her ethereal soundscapes and poetic lyrics hinted at her future trajectory.

Warp Records and Collaborations

Lafawndah’s 2016 EP, “Tan,” released on Warp Records, showcased her genre-blurring approach. Collaborating with L-Vis 1990 and Nick Weiss of Teengirl Fantasy, she explored themes of identity, longing, and transformation. Her partnership with Midori Takada resulted in the multimedia piece “Le Renard Bleu,” performed at the Barbican in London.

Ancestor Boy: A Collaborative Triumph

Lafawndah’s debut album, “Ancestor Boy,” released in 2019, was a highly collaborative project. Featuring Kelsey Lu, Julie Byrne, Gaika, and others, the album blended electronic beats, soulful vocals, and global rhythms. Her cover of Brigitte Fontaine and Areski Belkacem’s “Vous et Nous” added a timeless touch.

The Fifth Season: A Sonic Journey

In 2020, Lafawndah released her second album, “The Fifth Season.” Collaborating with tuba player Theon Cross, trombonist Nathaniel Cross, and others, she continued to defy expectations. Her lead single, “You, At The End,” featured lyrics from artist Kae Tempest. The album also included a cover of Beverly Glenn-Copeland’s “Don’t Despair.”

Live Shows and Visual Storytelling

Lafawndah’s theatrical live performances have taken her around the world. She toured with Kelela and supported Hundred Waters. Her Honey Colony mixtapes, featuring reworkings of songs by artists like Klein and Cardi B, showcase her production skills. As a director, she has created music videos and composed for brands like Kenzo and Chanel.

Legacy and Future

Lafawndah’s legacy lies in her commitment to authenticity, her refusal to be boxed in, and her limitless creativity. Her notes resonate—a melody of resilience, courage, and boundless imagination. As she dreams about the future, we eagerly anticipate more soulful soundscapes and genre-defying magic from this rising star.

Lafawndah’s story is one of artistic exploration, authenticity, and emotional resonance. If you need further details or additional sections, feel free to ask! 🎵🌟 123


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