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Certainly! Let’s delve into the captivating story of Greentea Peng, a neo-soul and self-described “psychedelic R’n’B” singer-songwriter from South East London. Her journey is one of resilience, creativity, and unwavering passion.

Early Life and Musical Awakening

Born as Aria Wells in Bermondsey, South London, Greentea Peng’s roots span continents. Her Arab father, a trained actor, and her African mother influenced her upbringing. During her childhood, she absorbed musical influences from her father, who introduced her to theater and taught her songs. She participated in school activities and community events, especially church choir performances. At age 12, after her parents separated, she and her mother moved to Hastings, where she continued to pursue music1.

However, by the time she was 15, Greentea Peng faced challenges. She lost confidence due to bullying and decided to stop making music. Despite passing her GCSEs early, she eventually dropped out of school. At 17, she returned to London, working at various bars and frequently partying. Amid this lifestyle, she also struggled with substance abuse, including addiction to drugs like Xanax12.

Travels, Recovery, and Return to Music

Greentea Peng’s life took an unexpected turn when she saved enough money from bartending to travel. Together with her boyfriend, she explored California, Peru, and Tulum, Mexico. Her stage name emerged from a box of Green Tea Seng she bought in Peru. She added the UK slang term “peng” (meaning “very attractive” or “extremely good”) based on her regular usage of it and the design of the woman on the Green Tea Seng box. During her travels, she worked at hotels and a self-help yoga retreat, organizing workshops and classes1.

Rise to Prominence

Greentea Peng’s music blends soul, R&B, reggae, and hip-hop. Influenced by artists like Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Miss Dynamite, and Lily Allen, she creates an authentic and introspective sound. Her debut EP, “Oatmilk”, received critical acclaim. Songs like “Pistolwhip” and “Anybody Else” captivated audiences, solidifying her status as an emerging artist. She’s known for her distinctive fashion style, full-body tattoos, piercings, and jewelry13.

Beyond Music

Greentea Peng isn’t just a musician; she’s a force of innovation. Her commitment extends beyond the studio. She’s performed for French brands like Hermés and YSL, bridging fashion and music. Her lyrics address social and emotional issues, revealing her depth and authenticity. Whether she’s singing about heartache or self-discovery, Greentea Peng remains captivating and inspiring. We eagerly await the next chapter in her remarkable career—a legacy that promises to resonate with fans worldwide1.

In summary, Greentea Peng’s journey—from early struggles to artistic triumph—exemplifies resilience, passion, and a commitment to authenticity. Her impact on the music scene is undeniable, and her future endeavors hold great promise.

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